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  • Tandoori Paste

    Creamy Peri-peri Sauce

    Creamy Peri Sauce: Warm Orange Mayonaise sauce. Tangy and spicy with mild chilli and peri-peri. Very well suited to white meat stir-fries such as chicken or pork.

  • Honey and Mustard Sauce

    Mustard sauce with a hint of honey. Smooth, yellow-orange marinade with a sharp mustard bite followed by sweet honey flavour. Ideal for use on pork or chicken.

  • Pourable Mustard Sauce

    Bright-yellow smooth sauce, with a characteristic light mustard flavour. Use as a condiment with foods or on hotdogs.

  • tomato sauce

    Quality Grade Tomato Sauce

    Typical smooth thick dark red tomato sauce.  Sweet with a strong tomato flavour typical of a good tomato sauce. Use as a condiment on fried chips, fish meat or chicken. Our top favourite and all-rounder.

  • Grilled chicken wings in barbecue sauce

    Steakhouse Basting

    Our steak and meat basting sauce provides a real steak house flavour with a charred thick, dark-brown sauce. Sweetish with strong notes of Worcester sauce with just the right acidity to break the sweetness. Full rounded flavour. Use to get that great steak house taste as basting on chicken, meat or ribs during braaiing or grilling.

  • sweet and sour sauce

    Sweet & Sour Sauce

    Sweet-and-Sour Sauce:  Reddish-brown Eastern-type sauceSweet and tangy with notes of ginger and cinnamon. Very well suited to white meat stir-fries such as chicken or pork.

    Sweet-and-Sour is a term used to describe a dish whose taste contains elements of both a sweet taste and a sour taste. Usually, the balancing is done with an added sauce.

  • Tomato Sauce

    This catering grade tomato sauce is sweet and slightly salty with good tomato flavour and a good texture. Use as a condiment on hot chips, fish, meat or chicken. Also used as a base sauce for other marinades.