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  • Lemon Juice

    Prepared lemon juice for catering use. Please note, we use lemon concentrate in our lemon juice.

  • Bowls of soy sauce

    Soya Sauce

    Soya-flavoured sauce – thick or thin. Dark black, watery sauce characteristic of traditional soya. Salty, savoury taste. Enjoy as a base sauce or use in general cooking. Traditionally used in Asian dishes.

  • Vinegar

    We offer Spirit, White & Brown Vinegar. Our vinegar is made from the purest spirit vinegar and not any vinegar substitutes. Sold either in 5% or 10% concentration strength. Retail grade strength is 5% concentration. Ideally suited as an ingredient in the making of condiments or sauces. Also used in butcheries and fisheries.

  • Worcester Sauce

    Catering-grade made with top ingredients. Perfect as an addition to meat dishes or for the butchers’ biltong or boerewors.